Bio ethanol fire

We usually have very pleasant associations with a flame dancing in a fireplace with a cracking sound, especially in the coldest days. However, we should keep in mind that its smoke contributes to the growth of the poisonous smog. Bio ethanol fire is a perfect way to combine traditions with modernity and ecology. You just have to insert an iron cartridge with the fuel in the hearth and you can keep on enjoying the view and warmth of real flames. Visit to see how many models of fireplaces are available for you to order.


Lovter is a company that offers a variety of fireplaces running on bioethanol fire. It is a perfect solution that suits to those, who prefer to have a simple interior design. This kind of chimney is characterised by a minimalistic appearance. It can be adjusted to almost every design. It is an extraordinary substitute for those, who would like to have a fireplace without the necessary fireplace installation. The construction of such a chimney is simple and easy to operate. To get more information, visit the website.

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