STG replica is an online shop which may provide you with numerous copies of weapons used by Nazi forces during the Second World War. It can be, for instance, a Luger P08 Parabellum replica, available here: It is worth knowing that it was one of the first semi-automatic pistols ever made. George Luger created it as early as in 1899. Apart from that, there is a Mauser 98k replica, looking like this: It was one of the most commonly used guns in Wehrmacht and now it is present in the war in Syria.


What is more, MP40 Schmeisser replica is certainly an interesting product, as you can see after opening this link: This automatic firearm was amazingly fast, because it could shoot 550 bullets in a minute. In the shop, you can also buy an impressive Walther P38 replica, available here: It was created at the beginning of World War II, in order to provide Nazi soldiers with a cheaper pistol than Luger P08. You may also be interested in purchasing a Mauser C96 replica which can be found on this website: Near the trigger, it had a special box magazine and it was considered to be very trustworthy. Last but not least, a STG 44 replica should be mentioned. It can be ordered under this link: It is often said that this weapon had been the first modern assault rifle.

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