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YOKO Wool Products Ltd is a company from Dublin supplying quality woollen products for people in the United Kingdom. Thanks to their big popularity on the Isles, they decided to expand their reach and start working on the international market as well. Their offer includes a variety of accessories - wool slippers, mittens, hat, as well as clothes - jackets, vests and ponchos. The items available in their shop will protect women, men and kids from the cold and allow them to wear a comfortable and stylish attire.

Warm wool slippers

Wool slippers are definitely one of the most popular woollen products available on the market today. They can be worn at home, when autumn and winter months come and the floors get cold, or outside to protect feet from the freezing temperatures. Wool slippers are characterised by their phenomenal insulation from the cold, but also warmth, therefore they are also popular during spring or summer. YOKO Wool Products supplies a number of different models of these characteristic shoes for the customers to choose from.

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