CD manufacturing

Companies taking care of CD manufacturing and printing packages for them are important for the music industry, the film industry and the advertisement industry. Printmasta had the chance to work with private clients who needed the discs for the individual purpose, for example newly-weds wanting to gift their guests with a tiny souvenir. However, the majority of their customers are companies either using the CDs for promotion or simply releasing their products into a broader market, like film producers or musicians.

CD duplication

CD manufacturing differs from CD burning, because instead of writing the data over the pre-existing disk, they are moulded with the data instead. Such an operation is much more time and cost effective, especially when the customer requests a large quantity of them. Printmasta offers both replication and duplication, so the companies working with them can choose the most adequate option. The service of CD manufacturing is performed in their factory in Poland, which means the process itself and the materials are much cheaper than in for example the UK.

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