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Hologram Intrycko is a manufacturer of holographic labels used for protecting branded products from illegal replication. Such a security tag cannot be replicated with a traditional printer, which makes it that much harder to counterfeit it. Their solutions are used to authenticate documents and membership passes, as well as to protect CDs, DVDs and many other products from being illegally distributed and replicated. On the company's website each interested party is going to find the pictures of the available designs and other realisations.

Unusual security tags

Holographic security tags produced by the company are not only practical, but also interesting to look at. The clients can choose one of the carefully designed patterns or decide on an individually prepared motif. The images printed with a special machine appear to be three-dimensional, even though they are flat. The majority of the designs are pretty simple and include only the logo of the brand, because tampering or counterfeiting is incredibly difficult to perform. Security tags made by Hologram Intrycko are a sure way to protect an original product.

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